Chocolate Allergy Symptoms

Chocolate Allergy SymptomsPeople of all age groups love to eat chocolates. Some are even addicted to chocolates. However, some people can’t eat chocolates as they may suffer from chocolate allergies. This can happen in both adults and children as well. Those kids whose parents are allergic to chocolates are more susceptible to the same. In short, allergic to chocolate can be hereditary. Most research studies revealed that chocolate allergy symptoms develop in people with weak immune system.


Chocolate Allergy Symptoms:

Following are some of the symptoms of chocolate allergy:


This is a mild symptom and doesn’t cause harm to your health. Generally, this is not triggered by cocoa present in chocolate, instead other ingredients in chocolate may cause this. Many people who suffer from heartburn after consuming chocolate don’t stop eating them.


We feel like eating chocolates when we are depressed because they lift our spirits. However, people who are allergic to chocolate may cause severe effect on their emotions. This makes an individual irritable and restless because theobromine in cocoa act like a stimulant for nervous system that makes the heart to beat faster.

Skin Rash:

People who are very much sensitive to chocolate may get skin rashes as they intake chocolate. Firstly, these skin eruptions occur on and around the neck and face that later spread to other body parts like stomach, arms, legs and so on.


In some people, sharp headache may develop as soon as they consume chocolate. The caffeine in chocolate is primarily responsible for this sign. However, it must be noted that it needs further ingestion to find out whether chocolate is responsible for triggering headache.

Difficulty in breathing:

This is the most serious symptom of chocolate allergy. This develops when more than one ingredient of chocolate is responsible for allergic reactions. Besides difficulty in breathing, people also complain of stomach cramps, heart palpitation, chest tightness, dizziness, etc. Wheezing sound while breathing, nausea and vomiting can also be noticed. If allergic reaction afflicts more than one system of the body, it may even result in anaphylactic shock which can be very dangerous too. In such case, you must not touch even a small piece of chocolate.

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