What is Citric Acid Allergy?

Citric Acid AllergyCitric acid allergy is a very rare allergy which afflicts less than 1% of population. Citric acid is a type of acid which is available in several natural sources like citrus fruits such as guavas, oranges, etc. This is also available in huge quantities in lemons. Allergic to citric acid may range from mild chest discomfort to a severe anaphylactic shock. Thus, it is must to take proper treatment as it can cause serious complications which cannot be avoided. Given below are the symptoms of citric acid allergy.


Symptoms of Citric Acid Allergy:

Citric acid allergy may vary in the timing and severity. Some people may experience immediate reaction which can be intense, white it takes a few hours to experience symptoms which may range from mild to moderate. Following are some symptoms of citrus allergy:

Skin Conditions:

Citrus allergy can trigger rashes, redness to an area on the skin, swelling and/or hives in limbs, tongue or mouth. Dark circles may appear around the eyes and eyelids may also become swollen.


Allergic reaction to citric acid may even cause respiratory problems like sneezing, difficulty in breathing, runny nose, chest congestion, sweating, teary eyes and coughs. You may notice recurring bronchitis and frequent ear infections.

Bodily Symptoms:

This allergic condition may cause a person to become angry, hyperactive, irritable, tired, moody and anxious. It may also result in muscle and joint pain, bouts of crying and night walking.

Stomach distress:

Allergic to citrus may also result in stomach upset, intestinal problems, bloating, acidity, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. In babies and young children, citric acid allergy may lead to persistent spit-up and drooling.

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