Skin Rash on Face

Skin Rash on FaceBasically, skin rashes on face are inflammation of the facial skin due to heat, allergies, infections and medications. Although, the skin is resistant to several assaults, it is still to several invaders such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. These rashes are followed by burning sensation, drying of skin, itching, blisters and red patches which afflicts the appearance and texture of the skin. Skin rashes on neck and face raise the aesthetic concerns because they are easily visible. These rashes may of different sizes, shapes and colors. Some blotches or rashes may appear brown, red or pink, while others are flat. Some blisters are itchy while others are rough skin patches which are temporary can be treated easily. This articles gives information on the causes of skin rashes on face.

Skin Rash on Face – Causes:

Following are some of the causes of facial skin rashes:


It is a skin ailment that leads to skin rashes and inflammation. Some causes of eczema can be genetic make up, reactions to allergens or excess exposure to environmental agents. This can also be a common symptom of an underlying disease (typically diabetes), it causes swelling and dry skin rashes on arms and face.

Heat Rashes:

Heat rashes are another most common skin rash on neck and face. It usually occurs if the body is exposed to the extreme humid or hot conditions. This is an itchy facial skin rash that leads to too much scratching, that may worsen the condition.

Contact Dermatitis:

This is another major cause of skin rashes on chest and face or other parts of the body, and can also result due to the exposure to external irritants.allergens such as foods, chemicals, animal dander, pollens, etc. If any body part comes in with that allergen, it may get irritated and develops blisters or itchy rashes.


This is also called urticaria. This is an allergic reaction to irritants, temperature fluctuations, insect bites, viral infections, etc which causes burning sensation, itchiness, red rash and patchy skin.

Herpes zoster:

Often known as zona and shingles. This is a viral infection characterized by itchy skin rash on chest and face and extremely painful. Varicella zoster is a virus which triggers chicken pox in young people and children, may also trigger shingles. Shingles result in burning and itchy skin rashes on the face in adults and children.


This is a chronic inflammatory skin ailment in elderly people which causes pimples and redness on the forehead, chin, cheek and nose. This resembles acne and is cyclic that is it flares up periodically.

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