Pineapple Allergy Symptoms

You and your partner sat down to enjoy a big piece of pineapple and suddenly you observe you friend has developed an allergy out of blue, that is so intense that you must consult a doctor. Well, you might have had a first hand experience of allergic reaction to pineapple.

Many people might have experienced pineapple allergy. It results in diarrhea, rashes and itchy skin. It is caused by coming in contact with pineapple or due to inhalation. If you are allergic to papaya or kiwi fruit, then you are at a higher risk of developing an allergic reaction to pineapple.allergy symptoms


Symptoms of Pineapple Allergy:

People who are allergic to pineapple can observe symptoms immediately, but they may also take nearly 5 days to develop. If you are allergic to food, it is best to consult to confirm whether it is an allergy. You must avoid the food that you are allergic to.

Pineapple allergy symptoms are as follows:

  • Cramps:

    People who are allergic to pineapple experience lower abdomen cramps.

  • Difficulty in breathing:

    Pineapple allergy can trigger swelling in the throat and face. Swelling can cause difficulty in breathing and needs immediate medical care.

  • Constipation:

    Constipation is one of the symptoms of pineapple allergy. You may experience difficulty in expelling feces and needs medicines for clearing this problem.

  • Diarrhea:

    The natural way to eliminate toxins from your body is vomiting and thus, diarrhea is also a sign. However these signs can result in dehydration is some people.

  • Skin rash:

    This is the first symptom of pineapple allergy. One will notice red rashes on the skin immediately after consuming the fruit. Skin rashes can be itchy and you can also notice swelling and hives.

  • Anaphylaxis:

    You may observe a full body allergic reaction in this allergy. Anaphylaxis is a dangerous and life threatening condition which cause swelling in the throat, ears and face.

Low blood pressure and dizziness are other pineapple allergy symptoms. You must be alert if you give a piece of pineapple to your child. Most children may experience pineapple allergy and he needs to be diagnosed for pineapple allergy, if he allergic to vegetables and other fruits.

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  1. See if you eat a pineapple and your throat gets sore and itchy dose that mean you are allergic to it ?

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