Dust Allergy Symptoms in Adults

Most people experience allergic reactions. Most people suffer from various health problems such as runny nose and cough throughout the year. It is primarily because of dust allergy. Dust mites are present in each and every home. In some cases, cleaning of the dust or excess dust may cause allergic reactions in the body. Allergic to dust may trigger several health conditions and mostly you will not realize the underlying cause. You might be wondering what does symptoms does dust mite exhibit? This article helps you to know more about the several

dust allergy symptoms in adults


Dust Allergy Symptoms in Adults:

Some dust allergy symptoms resemble the symptoms of pet allergy. You might have observed that most of the symptoms of dust allergy intensify when you are cleaning the house or after dusting up the beddings or bedsheets.

Watery and itchy eyes are the some dust allergy symptoms in adults. Repeated sneezing for several times is another severe symptom. You might have experienced this symptom many a times immediately after waking up. Other symptoms of dust allergy that you often experience are the irritation in throat, itchy and runny nose and cough. Difficulty in breathing or asthma may also be one of the symptoms of dust allergy. Following are the other

symptoms of dust allergy in adults

that they experience include:

  • Wheezing
  • Swollen skin under the eyes
  • Sinus pressure
  • Hives
  • Hay fever
  • Eczema
  • Redness in eyes

How to Get Relief from Dust Allergy?

You may choose over the counter antihistamines that are available to get relief from dust allergy. Decongestants also help in relieving stuffy nose problem. Certain eye drops and nasal sprays that are available over the counter may also help in giving relief from the symptoms of dust allergy. Try to get rid of dust mites to ensure that you will not experience these symptoms again.

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