Homeopathic Remedies for Allergy

People who are suffering from allergies and who wish to avoid medications may often get relief from the symptoms by using homeopathy. Homeopathy medications are safe or like the complement to other treatments. Opt for that remedy which closely matches the allergic symptoms. If this remedy does not work, you can try another remedy. While treating allergic reactions, it is better to get symptoms treated by a trained homeopath. He may help you in choosing remedies and also treat the symptoms and even the underlying conditions which may be aggravating the symptoms of allergies.

Homeopathic Remedies for Allergy

Nasal discharge:

Often allergies afflict the nose. If your nose is stuffy, running or both stuffy and running you can opt for best homeopathic remedy. If you are suffering from a runny nose, you can use

Allium cepa

. This helps in clearing mucus which irritates the upper lip. Other symptoms for this remedy are thirst, sneezing, watery eyes, a tickling cough and feeling better when your outside and worse when youre indoors.

If you have runny eyes and watery nose, choose

Ferrum phosphoricum

. Other symptoms for this remedy are burning or gritty sensation in eyes and a short, hard, tickling cough. This medication can also be used for relieving the initial symptoms of allergies. Ferrum phosphoricum can reduce the severity of an allergy attack and in some cases it may even stop the episode.



if the nose is irritated and dry and also if the nose is still runny. Other indications for Wyethia are itching in the throat, ears, roof of mouth and behind nose.


This is another sign which may help you to choose an excellent homeopathic remedy for the allergies. If you are suffering from watery eyes, feel like you have a lump in throat and long sneezing bouts, then choose


. Other indications for this medication are headaches, runny discharge from nose and an itchy nose which occur if you are trying to concentrate or drowsy.

If you are sneezing frequently and have pain in the back of neck and back, then choose Gelsemium. Other signs for this remedy include flushing of the face, tiredness triggered by allergy symptoms and swollen membranes in nasal passages together with an irritating watery discharge.

Opt for

Natrum muriaticum

if the allergic reactions cause sneezing. This medicine works effectively for people who have watery eyes, clears nasal mucus which looks like an egg white. Thirst, dark circles under eyes, getting irritated if someone tries to comfort you, feeling sad and having problems with tasting or smelling are other indications for this remedy.


The cough brought on by allergic reactions can be a hard tickling cough or a short tickling cough. You must use

Arsenicum album

if you are suffering from wheezy cough. Watery discharge from nose which may burn, swelling under the eyes, restlessness, chilly or anxious and tiredness can be the indications for this medication.


can be a best remedy if you are coughing more in daytime and less at nights. Other indications for this can be eyes which are sensitive to light, irritated and swollen eyes that can have discharge.

You can choose

Nux vomica

if you are experiencing teasing cough which produces a tickling sensation in throat. People who are responding well this remedy will find their nose alternates between runny and being stuffed. People may get irritated and feel impatient with these indications.


Take the above discussed remedies according to the directions of the package or as per the practitioners suggestion. You take three pellets of 30C potency if the package does not have directions. You must wait for 3 hours to know whether the symptoms improved or not. If the improvement slows down or stops, take another dose. Take two more doses if you do not notice any improvement by taking a time interval of three hours between doses. To keep the symptoms at bay during allergy seasons, you must take several doses every day.

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