Natural Allergy Treatment

Allergies may be very troublesome and you must take medications for curing them. Rather than choosing antibiotics, you may opt for several natural allergy treatments to treat allergic reactions. Every day you are exposed to numerous allergens. Once if you are aware of the allergen that is triggering allergy, it is very easy to treat the problem. Following is some information about the natural allergy treatments for certain most common allergy types.

Natural Allergy Treatment – Dust Mite Allergy

Several microorganisms are present in the dust that triggers allergies. Allergic reactions that are triggered by these microorganisms are referred to as dust mite allergy. Although dust mites survive in the summer season and die in the winters, they may survive in cold seasons, if dust mites are in the warm or humid houses. Dust particles that are seen to the naked eye in the sunlight, may consist of dust mites and the bodily wastes of these dust mites can result in allergies. These dust mites feed on the flakes of the skin of your pet’s or yours that is shed every day. Although it is impossible to eliminate them completely, you can improve them by following some simple precautions.

  • You can use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier for dust mite allergy.
  • Always keep the pillows and mattresses in the dust-proof covers. You must wash your pillow covers, bedding and blankets once in a week in the hot water because it destroys dust mites.
  • You can overnight freeze the non-washable bedding for killing the dust mites.
  • You can replace wall-to-wall carpets with wooden flooring or tiles if possible.
  • Regular cleaning of windows and curtains is must.
  • Blinds, wall-to-wall carpets and feathered pillows are the hosts for dust mites. Vacuuming the carpets and furniture will not help in eliminating dust mites. Vacuum cleaner that incorporates high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter will effectively remove dust mites.
  • Clean the flooring and furniture with a damp mop or a rag because dry rag is not useful.
  • It is essential to wear a mask while cleaning the house because the allergens are not inhaled.
  • As you are done with vacuuming, you must stay out of the vacuumed area for about 20 minutes because the allergens and dust settles down.
  • Also, you must thoroughly wash your hands after cleaning the house. Water is the best effective dust removal.

Natural Allergy Treatment – Hay Fever

Are you suffering from runny nose, sneezing or itchy eyes? These can be the symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever is the most common allergy and is also called allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis develops when the immune system overreacts to the airborne particles. If you come in contact with the particles which you are allergic to, your body may react and produce chemicals, called histamines. Histamines result in runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. Sneezing, itchy or stuffy nose, red and watery or swollen eyes, an itchy throat or cough are the most common symptoms of allergic rhinitis or hay fever.

  • Butterbur is the herb which blocks histamines action and also the action of inflammatory chemicals that are involved in allergic reactions. It is the best natural hay fever treatment. People with liver or kidney diseases, nursing women or pregnant women and children must not intake butterbur.
  • An antioxidant called quercetin, restricts the release of inflammatory chemicals, histamine from the immune system. Black tea, capers, red onions, red grapes, berries and apples along with peel are the best sources of quercetin.
  • You must refrain yourself from dust mites, pet hair, keeping pets inside the house and keeping the windows open while sleeping.
  • While driving, do not keep the windows open.
  • Wear a face mask which restricts inhalation of the pollutants.

Natural Allergy Treatment – Food Allergies

Milk, wheat, soy beans, eggs, fish, tree nuts and peanuts are the most common foods that trigger allergic reactions. Hives, eczema, skin rashes, drop in blood pressure, abdominal cramps, difficulty in breathing, tingling sensation in mouth. Swelling of tongue, diarrhea and vomiting are the common food allergy symptoms.

  • Try to minimize the intake of those items which are allergic if you cannot avoid them completely.
  • Drink plenty of water of about 2 liters every day. This is the most important solution for food allergies.

As you identify the underlying cause of allergy or the allergen, you can treat the allergy accordingly. An allergy test helps in finding the allergen. It is best to avoid the things that cause allergy symptoms. It means that you must maintain a self record and self observation.

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