What Causes Yeast Intolerance?

There are many people who display yeast intolerance symptoms because this is the most common condition that afflicts most people. Yeast is the most common type of fungi which is present in several food items such as beer, soy sauce, vinegar, bread, cheese and so on. However, our body can take only a limited amount of yeast in the daily diet. Commonly found yeast in our body is Candida and it is produced in the body in the intestinal tract. It is needed in our body for healthy digestive system. Over production of yeast causes yeast intolerance.

Yeast intolerance causes may vary from one person to another. Below lines give information on the causes and symptoms of yeast intolerance.

Causes of Yeast Intolerance

Yeast intolerance occurs due to the following reasons:

• Consumption of food items that are rich in yeast such as mushrooms, peanuts, cheese, bread, beer and much more can increase yeast concentration in the body resulting in yeast allergy.
• Intake of oral contraceptive pills
• Fermentation of undigested food in bowel may also be a cause of developing yeast intolerance.
• Consumption of progesterone
• Some antibiotics can result in yeast allergy. This is so because these medicines destroy Lactobacillus bacteria that play a vital role in balancing candida amount that must be present in the body.
• Also consumption of excess steroids may result in yeast allergy.
• Lack of vitamin D in the body can also trigger yeast intolerance.
• People who are suffering from some health conditions such as radiation therapy, pregnancy or diabetes are more prone to yeast allergy symptoms.
• According to some studies, people who lead stressful lie may also suffer from yeast intolerance.

Symptoms of Yeast Intolerance

It is difficult to identify yeast intolerance symptoms because these symptoms resemble the symptoms of other health conditions. Nearly 1 out of 3 people suffer from yeast intolerance in United States. However, many a times the symptoms develop after several hours of eating food and hence, makes it difficult for a person to identify the exact cause. Following are some of the symptoms of yeast intolerance:

• Light-headedness
• Mouth ulcers
• Abdominal pain
• Nasal congestion
• Wheezing
• Sore throat
• Coughing
• White coating on tongue
• Heartburn
• Watery eyes
• Vomiting
• Bad breath
• Breathing problems such as asthma
• Fatigue
• Cravings for sweets
• Lack of concentration and poor memory
• Mood swings
• Skin infections
• Oral thrush
• Infections in vagina
• Infections in mouth
• Flatulence
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Bloating
• Headaches

Yeast intolerance symptoms if not treated in time, can lead to major organ damages. Several medical tests such as organic acid test help to diagnose whether you are suffering from yeast intolerance. Yeast intolerance can be tested at home also. Take a glass full of water and spit into it. Very soon you will see a white fluffy growth of yeast in water. Get yourself tested when you see such condition.

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