Mosquito Bites Allergy

It might be sounding strange, but it is a fact that mosquito bites can trigger allergies in the body’s immune system at times. Mosquitoes are part and parcel of almost every house and mosquito bites are very common. Although, many a times mosquito bites cause inflammation and itching, they may trigger allergic reactions in most people. This is specifically true with people who have sensitive skin. It is a fact that allergic reactions are quite difficult to diagnose. The effect of allergic reactions because of mosquito bite are not severe compared to other allergies. This article provides information on the symptoms and causes of

allergies to mosquito bites


Mosquito Bites Allergy:

An allergic reaction develops after a mosquito bites you. This is because mosquitoes inject a small amount of their saliva. Female mosquito injects her saliva under the skin before sucking the blood. Its saliva contains a type of protein which aids in continuous blood circulation. This protein causes an allergic reaction.

Mosquito Bites Allergy Symptoms :

Following are some of the symptoms of mosquito bite allergies:

  • An itchy red skin is the most common symptom of mosquito bites. Allergic bites of mosquito look very normal and are harmless as the allergic reactions go unnoticed.
  • Another symptom of mosquito bite is swelling. The swelling does not reduce very quickly. In fact it may last for a few days or weeks. The swelling can also be larger than the normal bite and at times they may turn into blisters.
  • Children are more susceptible to mosquito bite allergies compared to adults. This is so because the immune system of a person combats mosquito saliva. Hence, mosquito bites must be considered as a serious condition.
  • You may even suffer from allergic reactions if a mosquito bites you after a long period.

These were some of the causes and

symptoms of allergies to mosquito bites

. Consult a health care provider if the symptoms do not improve.

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