Swollen Lips Causes

Swollen lips can be more than a symptom of physical trauma. In some cases, people can be allergic to peanuts or aspirin, while some may develop a certain syndrome which predisposes lip swelling. Luckily, swollen lips causes can be treated efficiently.

Swollen lips Causes:Swollen Lips Causes

What factors result in lip swelling? Swelling of lips is associated with allergies caused by consumption of some foods and medications. Following are the swollen lips causes:

Allergic reactions are the most common causes of lip swelling. In an allergy, immune system responds abnormally to substances which are harmless. For example, the immune system raises body temperature after detecting infectious agents or allergens. Though it is common, the body may not respond in the way to the harmless substances such as food and medications. However, during an allergy, immune system attacks the harmless substance considering it as an enemy. As a result the unusual response of the body can result in medical problems ranging from bothersome ailments to life threatening conditions. Here are some allergens which trigger swollen lips.

  • Drug allergy:

    Often patients are recommended some drugs as a part of their treatment. If a person is allergic to that particular drug, it may have side effects, like allergic reactions which occur in the form of skin ailments such as itchy skin, hives and prominently facial swelling which typically afflicts lips and cheeks. The lips may become abnormally large is the common symptom of severe allergic reactions. Medicines such as antibiotics cause allergic reactions.

  • Food allergy:

    Sometimes even food allergy can also trigger lip swelling. Milk allergy is the most common food allergy diagnosed in adults. Some people are allergic to casein, a protein in milk. This can be a cause of upper lip swelling. Lactose intolerance is another type of allergy noticed in children. Based on the health of a person, food items which cause unexpected immune responses can result in lip swelling are discussed below. These foods basically contain a type of protein that cause swelling of lips.

    • Additives
    • Eggs
    • Seafood including lobster, crab, crayfish and shellfish
    • Nuts including pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts and peanuts
  • Insect stings:

    People with extremely sensitive skin can’t tolerate insect stings or bites and develop allergic reactions. Insect stings can be a cause of lip swelling. Generally an insect sting causes localized redness and swelling. Sometimes, the venom injected by insects can cause severe allergic reactions, resulting in facial swelling and difficulty in breathing. Some insect stings which cause allergic reaction include:

    • Black widow
    • Hornets
    • Wasps
    • Honeybees
    • Yellow jackets

The above mentioned are some swollen lips causes. It is a symptom of an allergic reaction or a syndrome. Consult the physician if the swelling does not subside in a couple of days.

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