Itchy Rash on Legs

Itchy Rash on LegsAs you know, rashes are outbreaks of tiny itchy bumps on skin. These are called blisters and usually appear in groups called clusters. Skin rash is usually associated with the back or face. Rarely, we even hear about itchy rash on legs. As facial skin is most exposed, it is more susceptible to skin conditions such as hives and eczema. However, in some rare cases, legs can also contract itchy rashes and cause irritation. When we talk about itchy rash on legs, blisters are observed on the feet and calf. Itchy rashes make the skin inflamed and red in the lower part of leg.

Itchy rash on Legs – Causes:

There are many factors that contribute to the occurrence of itchy rashes on legs. Hives or eczema are typically marked by rash breakouts. Following are some reasons which trigger this annoying condition.


Millions of people are allergic to some substances. Well, medications are the main culprits which bring these changes on legs. In brief, itchy leg rashes occur as a side effect of some medications. Apart from medicines, usage of inappropriate skin care products may cause skin ailments. Hence, before using any skin rejuvenating products, you must go through the ingredients in the products. The facial skin is delicate and smooth while leg skin is hard and rough. It does not mean that you can use skin lotions that contain harsh chemicals. People who are susceptible to skin rashes must be very careful in choosing appropriate soap which suits their skin.

Too much scratching:

Excessive scratching with long nails can cause eczema. One may slightly scratch for eliminating irritation associated with itching. However, if your skin is sensitive, it can react negatively to the scratching. The upper layer of skin may get damaged and can aggravate the itching, hence forcing a person to scratch excessively. This cycle can result in adverse reaction and result in skin rash.

Tight clothing:

Wearing tight socks or clothes which doesn’t leave any space for skin to breathe can trigger itchy rashes on legs. Also, the fabric which we use today for making clothes undergoes a lot of processing, before it is ready for clothing. Several chemical additives are used for processing the fabric. The chemicals can trigger some skin problems such as itchy rashes on arms and legs, when skin comes in contact with that clothing.

Itchy Leg Rashes – Treatment:

Treatment mainly depends on the underlying cause. Though it is not a bothersome condition, it can result in severe itching if proper care is not taken. In some cases, avoiding the irritants can make your skin free from rash. Drink plenty of water and vegetable juices without sugar to get rid of rashes on legs.

Hence, you cannot disagree that itchy rash on legs is troublesome. Constant irritation is the most common symptom and it can become intolerable overtime. You can use moisturizers to ease this discomfort.

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