Soy Intolerance Symptoms

Soy intolerance is a condition where a person is unable to digest the protein in soy foods and soy milk. There are 15 such substances in soy proteins which cannot be tolerated by the immune system. Soy intolerance is pretty common among small children and infants. They suffer from this after consuming baby foods that contain soy proteins. If the lactating mother consumes foods prepared from soy, then breastfeeding infants can also show these symptoms. In some cases, adults may become intolerant to soy protein. Read the following lines to know more about thesoy intolerance symptoms.

Soy Intolerance SymptomsSoy Intolerance Symptoms:

Some symptoms of soy intolerance appear as soon as you consume soy products, while others appear after a few hours. If infants are suffering from intolerant to soy milk, they cry continuously throughout the day for several hours. They vomit repeatedly. This is also accompanied by bloody stools and watery diarrhea. Some kids refuse to eat anything, while other kids want to eat again and again because they slightly feel better after eating. Other soy intolerance symptoms in infants are eruption of itchy bumps, swelling of skin, colic, wheezing, excessive irritability, etc.

Also some adults show some unusual symptoms of skin rash, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, etc. Apart from those typical symptoms, other symptoms include tightness in face and chest, difficulty in breathing, palpitation, burning sensation on skin, sweating, dizziness, nervousness, headache, etc. Some people also experience runny nose and tingling sensation on throat, tongue, lips and on face also.

Some soy intolerance symptoms are very serious that they need immediate medical attention. Difficulty in breathing is one among them that can be seen in both adults as well as infants. It this is neglected, it can trigger asthma in kid. This can also be a symptom of anaphylactic shock which is a life threatening condition which develops when lungs become swollen and blocks normal breathing. Other symptoms which accompany anaphylactic shock include loss of consciousness, rapid heart beat, drop in blood pressure, etc. However, this symptom is very rarely found in people suffering from soy intolerance. Ear infection is another problem which is observed in infants especially as ear fails to drain out because of blockage of air passage. Skin inflammation and continuous itching result in hives and eczema.

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