Why are some babies allergic to diapers?

It is not uncommon for a newbie mom to lose sleep thinking about her baby’s diaper rash. A lot of times, the rash worsens because certain babies are

allergic to diapers

. This is a skin condition which if ignored, could bring in a lot of misery for both the baby and the mommy.
Clinically, diaper dermatitis (skin condition characterized by red, itchy bumps which can spread from the baby’s bottom to legs, thighs and stomach) lists this particular type of allergy in babies, a reason for its occurrence. This condition is mostly seen in infants between the ages of 4-15 months.allergic to diapers

What are the symptoms when a baby is allergic to diapers?

  • A red rash on the skin.
  • The affected area gets very itchy.
  • The genitals of the baby gets covered with scaly, red patches of skin which could be small but eventually they mesh together to cover the entire area.
  • The area could get infected with the pimples and bumps becoming pus filled in extreme cases.

What are the causes of diaper allergy?

  • Children are often found to be allergic to the fragrances in diapers and baby wipes.
  • The material and fiber of the diapers could also cause an allergic reaction.
  • Exposed to the urine and feces, the area gets more affected when the baby is allergic to ammonia. The acids present in the urine and stool further irritate the rash and makes it worse.
  • In case of cloth diapers, the detergent traces left in it after washing could cause the allergies.
  • Some particular baby soap may also trigger the action. The area being always covered and not exposed leads to aggravation of the symptoms.

How can babies allergic to diapers be provided relief?

  • Keeping the area clean and looking after the baby’s personal hygiene tops the list.
  • When affected with allergies, the area should be kept dry by changing the diapers more frequently.
  • The baby should be kept without diapers for a considerable time. That will help the area to heal fast.
  • A diaper rash cream with zinc oxide or petroleum jelly could be put on baby’s well- cleaned and dried bottom to keep away the moisture.
  • Staying away from wipes which have alcohol or fragrance could be a good idea.
  • Using a hypoallergenic baby wipe is ideal in this situation.
  • Using talcum powder is not advisable as it could get into the baby’s lungs.
  • The baby’s bottom should be cleaned gently and the area should not be scrubbed or rubbed against.
  • A good quality highly absorbent diaper is essential.
  • In case of cloth diapers, they should be rinsed well to ensure no traces of detergents in them.
  • Fabric softeners should not be used while washing cloth diapers, as this, too triggers allergic reactions.

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