Hair Loss Allergy – Can Allergy Cause Hair Loss


hair loss

be triggered by allergies? The answer though not definitive, as to whether allergy is the sole cause for it, a number of studies have been able to establish a connection between hair fall and allergies. A lot of allergies affect the skin of our scalp just as it affects the skin on any other body part. This onsets the thinning of hair in most cases.

Abnormal Hair Fall affects 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States alone.

An allergic reaction is caused by the hypersensitivity in individuals when their immune system reacts to an otherwise normal substance in the environment. The body releases histamine which is an organic nitrogenous compound to fight with the so called environmental allergens. Allergic reactions can manifest itself in a lot of physical symptoms. One of them reported very frequently is the abnormal loss of hair.

Reasons for Hair Loss Allergy

  • Food Allergies

    : Food allergies causing animals to shed their coat and body fur is common. Among humans, a lot of times avoiding certain food have exclusively given good results in combating the said problem. People allergic to milk, shell fish, gluten, eggs and other food items complain of having eruptions on their skin along with little bumps on their scalp. This is sometimes even accompanied with itching. In extreme cases, they might get infected. Poor scalp health often results in baldness of varying degrees.

  • Allergies to Hair Care products

    : It is not uncommon to hear people whine that a certain hair spray or a hair shampoo left them bald. It is not always the hair product per se that causes the problem. The chemicals and the herbals in the product sometime do not suit the user. The individual could be allergic to chemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate in shampoo or to herbal ingredients and fragrances like rose, lavender etc. Not rinsing the hair well after the shampoo leaves behind traces of the product which aggravates symptoms like itching, swelling and scalp lesions in general. These symptoms would soon be followed by thinning of hair.

  • Reaction to the medicines used in Allergies

    : A lot of times, reaction to drugs given to relieve allergy symptoms like antihistamines, decongestants, corticosteroids can cause this problem as a side effect. People often felt that reduction of these medications have lead to improvement in general hair health.

  • Besides the above allergy induced reasons for hair loss, it could also be triggered as a possible symptom in any other allergies like those to caffeine, pollen and dander, chemicals etc.

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