Allergy Cough Symptoms

coughCoughing is a natural way of preventing bacteria, allergens and infection from entering into the body. Coughing is a response given by the body when the allergen is inhaled, so as to eject it out from the throat. In some cases, sinuses occur as a result of allergic reaction dripping down the mucus leading to cough. Let us know about the common

allergy cough symptoms

that occur as a result of both cough and allergic reaction accompanied together.

Listed below are the

allergy cough symptoms:

  • Coughing

    – This is one of the common allergic cough symptoms, mostly caused by allergic rhinitis. When the throat gets tickled or irritated by an allergen, the cough reflex responds by passing signals to the brain to start coughing. Though coughing is good to expel the built up mucus in the throat, it can even irritate thus causing excess cough.

  • Post Nasal Drip

    – This is also one of the common symptoms of allergy cough. It occurs as a result of inflamed sinuses during allergic reaction, therefore cutting off the normal flow of mucus out of the nose. Thus the stopped mucus drains into throat. The constant mucus flow into the throat causes irritation producing cough.

  • Wheezing

    – If coughing occurs as a result of allergic asthma, it even accompanies wheezing. Allergic reaction causes the lung airways to get inflamed therefore restricting the breathing pattern. This leads to cause of a high pitched voice known as wheezing. This can further increase throat irritation and can only be prevented by avoiding allergens and using inhalers which aid in reducing the inflammation in the airways.

  • Allergy symptoms

    – Coughing that occurs as a result of allergic reaction even produces other symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion and asthma. In certain cases, skin rashes and hives also occur. If anyone experiences shortness in breath or difficulty in breathing, then immediate doctor’s attention is needed.

These are the

allergy cough symptoms.

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