Chihuahua Allergies


Chihuahua Allergiesare small dogs belonging to toy breed. They are the smallest breed of dogs and are prone to a certain health illnesses like allergies. The following article discusses about

chihuahua allergies

by which you can know everything in detail. Chihuahua allergies develop when the dog’s immune system reacts to some type of allergen.

Common Chihuahua Allergies

Basically there are two categories of chihuahua allergies that chihuahuas commonly suffer from. They are internal and external allergies. Both these allergies cause unpleasant reactions leading to a fatal stage in dogs. These two categories are discussed below:

  • Internal Allergies

    – These allergies occur when a dog ingests something. It can be certain medications, low grade food, etc. Chihuahua can be intolerant to some foods like corn, dairy products, eggs and many more found in dog foods. At times, even the flavoring agents, food colors and chemical preservatives act as allergens causing these internal allergies. As these dogs have a very sensitive digestive system, they suffer from unpleasant food reactions.

  • External Allergies

    – These allergies occur from contact with any substance outside the body such as dust, pollen grains, flea bites, detergents, etc. They cause many skin illnesses.

Types of Chihuahua Allergies

Chihuahuas suffer from two types of allergies which fall in either of the two categories. Both can affect the health of chihuahua dogs.

Food Allergies in Chihuahua

– These type of allergies is an internal allergy and is one of the common allergies in long haired chihuahuas. They causes symptoms like ear infections, diarrhea and vomiting. When the dog consumes any food that is allergic, it causes redness of skin, inflammation of skin and gastrointestinal problems. It also develops red and flaky skin around the ears, face and legs. The dogs suffer from hair loss and develop dry and dull coat. The common foods that cause food allergies in chihuahua dogs are wheat, beef, chicken, corn, empty carbohydrates and dairy products. To protect chihuahua from food allergies, you should provide them meals which contain 10% carbohydrates, 50% veggies and 40% meat like fish and turkey. Do not offer foods which contain 100% human grade ingredients and animal by-products.

Skin Allergies in Chihuahua

– These type of allergies comes under external allergies and is one of the common allergies in short haired chihuahuas. They develop as a result of using some type of shampoos, flea bites, exposure to environmental allergens like dust, pollen grains, etc. Food reactions too cause skin allergies. This type of allergy causes the dogs to lick, bite, scratch and mutilate their own skin. Inflammation and cracking of skin occurs. To prevent your dog from suffering skin allergies, you need to keep it away from allergens and also a change of dog shampoo helps. If the allergy is due to flea attack, they should be given proper treatment to get rid of allergies and pests.

Symptoms of Chihuahua Allergies

The typical signs and symptoms of chihuahua allergies include:

  • Scratching and biting of skin
  • Development of skin cracks
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dull and dry coat
  • Loss of hair
  • Watery eyes

Treatment for Chihuahua Allergies

Visit to the veterinarian is very important to help your chihuahua dog from allergies. When you notice your dog suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, it is the right time to take it to a vet. Medications are prescribed if it’s a food allergy. Creams and ointments are prescribed for treating skin allergies. You should also feed your dog with high grade food and if needed, change the brand. Use allergy-free shampoo and detergents to wash your pet and also blankets and bed sheets. If your dog is allergic to smoke of candle or cigarette, then avoid lighting them in their presence.

This is a detailed description on

chihuahua allergies

. Spotting allergies and immediate consultation of the veterinarian avoids complications and protects your pet from fatal incidents.

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