Allergies That Cause Headaches

Allergies are often associated with respiratory signs and symptoms. When allergy symptoms turn severe, they result in headaches. There are certain allergies that cause headaches when their symptoms flare. The headache and facial pains that develop as a result of allergic reactions happen by the action of histamine chemicals present in the bloodstream. A number of inflammatory symptoms are caused, which include eyelid inflammation and sinuses. Headaches too develop due to the inflammation.

Let us have a look at the allergies that cause headaches:


Allergic reactions to animals take place when an individual is continually exposed to animal environment and his/her threshold exposure levels cross a certain limit. Insect and pet life cycles can cause allergies but the levels rise and fall and there will be no noticeable allergy symptoms. Elements in cat, dog and certain warm blooded animals’ fluids and dander dry, enter the air and inhaled by humans causing various allergies. Even dust mites’ and cockroaches’ wastes can be inhaled too. These all allergens cause respiratory inflammation which leads to severe headache pains.


Mold fungi causes long-term seasonal allergies, as mold colonies reproduce in succession between spring thaws and winter freezes. People allergic to molds can experience symptoms while walking through decayed leaves as it disturbs mold spores. Mold allergens therefore affect sinuses causing inflammation. This on long term can lead to facial pain and headaches.


Plants give out large amounts of pollen which can cause severe allergic reactions. Individuals allergic to pollens should try to stay within seasonal boundaries. Research studies revealed that a single plant of ragweed nearly looses about i billion pollen grains therefore, overwhelming patients’ tolerance levels. The inflammatory response produced by the body therefore causes sinus headaches.

This is all about the various allergies that cause headaches.

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