Foods That Trigger Ragweed Allergies

Ragweed is a type of flowering plant common in North America and some people have allergy to this plant. The symptoms include sore throat, sneezing and runny or stuff nose. Individuals with ragweed allergies also experience allergic reactions to some foods and this condition is known as oral allergy syndrome. The foods even trigger allergic reactions in ragweed allergic people. The following article gives a list of some

foods that trigger ragweed allergies.

Following are the

foods that trigger ragweed allergies:

  • Bananas

    – Ragweed allergic individuals experience allergic symptoms on handling or eating raw bananas. The signs and symptoms include irritation of the mouth, throat or palate and swelling of the tongue and lips. These symptoms are generally shown in those who respond to this allergy inducing vegetable. Eating cooked banana alleviates the symptoms that are caused by eating or handling raw banana.

  • Melons

    – Ragweed allergic individuals can even experience allergic symptoms after handling or eating watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe. Ragweeds and melons belong to same family called Compositae. Symptoms include throat or mouth irritation and rash on skin. Ingesting melons causes stomach irritation, including diarrhea, vomiting or cramps. Eating cooked fruits can help in avoiding allergic reactions. Abstaining from eating or handling this foods can alone control persistent allergies.

  • Cucumber or Zucchini

    – People allergic to ragweed even experience allergic symptoms to vegetables like cucumber or zucchini. Raw vegetables mostly cause allergic reactions and the symptoms include itching or irritation of mouth, lips, throat or palate. Eating cooked vegetables can only provide relief from the symptoms and it even reduces recurrence of allergic symptoms.

  • Honey, Sunflower Seeds or Chamomile Tea

    – People allergic to ragweed even experience allergies after ingesting or handling honey, sunflower seeds or chamomile tea. Abstaining from these foods can avoid allergic reaction to these foods.

The above given are the

foods that trigger ragweed allergies

. Avoiding these foods can only help ragweed allergic individuals to stay away from allergic reactions.

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