Cat Allergy Symptoms in Babies

Cat AllergiesCat allergies are one of the common pet allergies that occur twice as frequently as dog allergies. Cat allergy symptoms in babies are quite typical which are discussed in the following article. Babies show allergic response when they get exposed to dander, urine or saliva of cats. Cat allergy and such other pet allergies can be diagnosed through blood and skin tests.

Cat allergy symptoms in babies

    • Itching

      Allergic reactions to dander of cats causes allergic constant dermatitis and allergic rhinitis, both of which lead to skin and nasal allergy symptoms. The signs of itching in babies’ mouths and noses include often wiping of nose and clearing of throat. Itchy, red and bumpy rashes develop on the skin.


  • Runny Noses and Teary Eyes

    During allergic reactions in babies’ to dander of cat, histamines are released that cause fluid to accumulate in nose and eye tissues. This condition leads to runny noses, teary and overflowing eyes. Most of the parents confuse these signs to be signs of flu, or cold.

  • Swelling

    Histamines which are released as a result of allergic reaction show even inflammatory responses. These symptoms include swelling of sinuses, puffiness around the eyes and facial areas in babies. Another sign of inflammation in the sinus area is blue or darkened skin beneath the eyes.

  • Sneezing

    Babies suffer from breathing difficulty due to the stuffy nose. This makes them to sneeze in order to clear the blocked airways. Babies even experience violent sneezes after petting cats.

  • Congestion

    Babies suffer from build up of mucus in nasal passage and from swollen sinuses. Runny and stuffy nose symptoms keep on alternating during allergic reactions.

These are the cat allergy symptoms in babies. These symptoms may occur soon after exposure to cat environment or may even take long periods of contact.

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