Ways to Treat an Allergy Rash on Face

Allergy rashes on face occur suddenly and they are usually accompanied with swelling. They are really irritating and embarrassing when they appear on face. The following article discusses a few ways to treat an allergy rash on face which will be very helpful when you experience this condition.

Here are some ways to treat an allergy rash on face:

  • Determine the cause of allergy rash

    There are various allergy rashes and each type requires a specific treatment. Therefore, you should first determine the type of rash and then treat accordingly.

    • For instance, if the cause of the rash is poison sumac (woody shrub which causes an itchy rash and blisters), treating with antihistamines and hydrocortisone and cleaning the rash often helps to resolve the rash.
    • If an allergy rash in a child is due to exposure to peanuts and almonds, a simple treatment of antihistamine is enough.
    • If an allergy rash is associated with certain symptoms like nausea, fatigue or shortness of breath, it is better to seek medical attention.
  • Topical Treatments

    Allergy rashes on face can be treated with some topical treatments like over the counter antihistamines, hydrocortisone creams, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aloe vera, cocoa butter and certain soothing and moisturizing ointments. These treatments help to eliminate facial allergic rashes. Make sure you check for the labels before taking any of these medications.

  • Medications to calm down the allergy rash

    For treating a severe allergy rash and rash that spreads beyond the face to extremities, prescribed antihistamines and corticosteroids will be helpful. In case if the physician cannot determine the allergen, a course of anti-fungal medications or antibiotics are prescribed to treat the allergy rash.

  • Time and Rest

    Most of the allergy rashes on the face will subside by themselves over a certain period of time. If there occurs discomfort and itching over the allergy rash, then you need to take necessary steps to alleviate the symptoms rather than scratching it and spreading it around the body. You can apply a cold compress or clean it with a hot wash cloth so that the itching subsides. Or else simply bid time to allow the body to heal by itself and this can really work wonders.

These are some of the effective ways to treat an allergy rash.

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