Allergies and Depression – Is there a Link

Spring always carries with it a rash of sneezing, stuffy nose and sniffling. But are seasonal allergies psychologically harmful? The following article gives out a few research studies that showed a link between

allergies and depression

. Though there is no firm evidence that depression is caused by allergies, some large studies revealed that people with allergy are at a higher risk of developing depression.

Severe allergies cause headaches, sleeplessness, a feeling of physical depletion and fatigue, all of these can worsen mood. Research studies have recovered that

allergic reactions release certain compounds called cytokines

in the body. These compounds help in

reducing the serotonin levels

in the body therefore

maintaining the feelings of well-being.

It is also known that certain allergy medications can cause mood swings and anxiety.

This was reported in the year


by the researchers of

University of Maryland.

This link helped out in establishing a thesis, but it was poorly understood as there were high number of suicides during spring season. Going through some other research records, the researchers again found out that in some people, the allergic symptoms change during high and low pollen seasons which correspond to change in their depression levels.

A research study made in 2003 among Finnish population found out a link between allergies and depression. It was showed that

women are more likely to get affected than men

from allergies and depression. Another research study made on


of Finland in 2000 showed that they

shared equally the risk for allergies and depression.

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