Swollen Lip Allergic Reaction

Swollen lip allergic reaction

is really an alarming condition that needs an immediate medical care. During an allergic reaction, swollen lips occur as a sign of anaphylaxis, which is a serious life threatening condition. You should never attempt to self treat

swollen lip allergic reaction

and need to consult a physician for appropriate treatment.


Swollen lips occur as a result of chemical chain reaction that takes place in the immune system against allergens. As soon as a foreign substance is recognized to be harmful by the immune system, it tries to fight it off by releasing antibodies which produces histamine compound. This chemical compound causes dilation of the blood vessels in many parts of the body, including lips. Increased flow of blood to the lips makes them to swell.


The common allergens that act as triggers for swollen lip are foods, medications, muscle relaxants, latex and insect bites. Severe allergic reaction to any of these triggers can cause swollen lips. Some foods like shellfish, milk, eggs and nuts can make lips to swell. Also insects like wasps, bees, fire ants and hornets cause a swollen lip due to allergic reaction.


Symptoms that accompany with swollen lips include shortness of breath, tongue swelling and hives. Shortness of breath occurs when the airways get affected from an allergic reaction. The tongue swells along with lips due to dilation of the blood vessels. Hives appear in no time soon after the allergic reaction.


Allergic reaction accompanied by swollen lips at some times can cause anaphylactic shock. This is a life threatening condition that can affect the complete body and can even stop an individual’s heartbeat. Swollen lips are the first sign of anaphylaxis in severe hypersensitivity reactions.

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