Nasal Sprays For Allergies – How to Use Them

Nasal SpraysNasal sprays are the best effective treatments for treating allergies with nasal symptoms. Let us know about how to use

nasal sprays for allergies

in the below article. Nasal sprays work better than the oral antihistamines which are prescribed for allergic symptoms. Nasal sprays do carry some side effects such as nose bleeds and nasal irritation. Some may even experience burning sensation, bad smell or taste and drainage in the throat. To minimize these effects, prescribed nasal sprays should only be used and they have be used regularly for better results.

Many people are not aware of the right idea of using nasal sprays. This seems to be pretty obvious. But incorrect usage can cause certain side effects and even the medication may work less effectively. Here is

how to use nasal spray for allergies


  • Remove the mucus that is built up in the nasal passages through blowing the nose hardly.
  • Shake the nasal spray bottle and gently remove the cap.
  • Incline your head down by looking towards the floor.
  • Hold the bottle in one hand and keep the nozzle tip in one of the nostril (preferrably the opposite one). The nozzle correctly points at the outer part of the nostril which makes it easy to spray the medication.
  • Spray the medication and sniff as if you are smelling aby flower or food. Avoid snorting the nasal spray as it may go directly into the throat and can cause discomfort.
  • Repeat spraying until the prescribed amount of spray is delivered into the nostril.

If you happen to suffer from side effects like irritation, nasal bleeding and any other symptoms, then stop using it for a few days and use it again. If the same continues to happen, stop using the spray and contact the physician immediately. This was about

how to use nasal sprays for allergies.

You should always use prescribed nasal sprays which include nasal steroids, nasal antihistamines, anticholinergics and mast cell stabilizers.

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