Treatment For Skin Allergies In Dogs

Skin Allergies In DogsSkin allergies in dogs are the most frustrating and difficult conditions to treat. Allergies are the recurrent conditions, so the dogs should be carefully observed for the symptoms and appropriate treatment needs to be given. There are various options of treatment for skin allergies in dogs, all of which are discussed in brief in the below article. The main aim of any treatment is to control the itchiness associated with skin allergy.

Here are the various measures of

treatment for skin allergies in dogs:


  • Wash your dog with a soap to take away the irritant – Most of the plants and chemicals leave a residue or oil on the skin and coat of dog, which may result in continuous exposure to irritant. By washing the dog, the residue or oil is removed, therefore easing the symptoms.
  • Apply topical medications such as anti-histamine or hydrocortisone – Anti-histamine and hydrocortisone help to prevent the allergic reaction which is affecting the dog. Hydrocortisone is available both in spray and cream forms. Even a small irritation on dog’s skin can be reduced by using these medications.
  • Oral medications – Oral medications also give a relief in addition to topical medications. The doses should be administered to the dog according to the prescription given by the veterinarian. Benadryl is the most common oral medication prescribed. You need to always check with a veterinarian before giving any medication to your dog.
  • Limit the exposure to the irritant – If you suspect that some food, chemical, plant or any other substance is triggering skin allergy in your dog, limit the exposure of your dog to that particular item. In case you are unaware of the allergen, systematic periods of limited exposure will help in ruling out the particular substances.
  • Provide supplementation – If the dog’s skin seems to be flaky and dry, then providing a good dietary supplementation helps in improving the dog’s skin condition. Even if the dryness and flaky skin is due to allergies or parasites, the condition will be improved on dietary supplementation. There is even a home remedy that can be applied to the dog’s skin to improve. Soak a bread piece in olive oil and feed it along with the dog’s meal.

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treatment for skin allergies in dogs.

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