Asthma Allergens

Allergy ShotsAsthma symptoms are usually triggered by airborne substances which initiate certain changes in airways making it hard to breathe. These substances are known as asthma triggers which can be categorized in many ways.

Asthma allergens

are one of those categories that induce asthma. They stimulate allergic reaction, which is a type of immune system reaction that occurs in the airways. Let us know about the different types of allergens in the following article which cause asthma.


  • Grass, tree and weed pollen

    – Pollen is airborne trigger that causes several symptoms of asthma in most of the sensitive people. Pollen is found in flowering plants which consist of tiny, powdery granules that constitute male cells which are used by the plant during fertilization.

  • Mold and mold spores

    – Mold is also one common asthma allergen and it can be both indoor and outdoor. It is usually found in soil, piles of dead leaves, rotting wood and vegetation.

  • Animal allergens

    – Animals can even cause asthma symptoms in some sensitive people as they are furry and feathered. Even the environment in which the animal lived for quite sometime and is not there when you stay there, can be a cause for asthma symptoms.

  • Dust mites

    – Dust mites are small creatures which are very difficult to view with the naked eye, such as dust formed in the house. They feed on animal and plant material present in dust. They release some droppings and this is the reason dust is a common trigger of asthma.

  • Indoor insect allergens

    – Cockroaches and many such insects can shed allergen triggers. These insects usually live in damp and dark places where the food is kept open. You need to know the measures to control and get rid of these insect allergens in the indoor environment.

  • Outdoor insect allergens (stinging insects)

    – Stinging insects are the common outdoor allergens that can cause asthma symptoms. In about 5% of people, they cause a severe life threatening reaction called anaphylactic shock. Therefore, you need to identify the potentially harmful stinging insects to avoid this severe reaction.

These are the

asthma allergens

, all of which are responsible for causing symptoms of asthma, both mild and severe.

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