Respiratory Allergy Symptoms in Dogs

Allergy Symptoms in DogsRespiratory allergies or inhalant allergies are referred to as atopy in dogs.

Respiratory allergy symptoms in dogs

are different from respiratory allergy symptoms in human beings. Dogs experience itchy, red and runny eyes; itching that makes the pet to scratch around its stomach, feet or muzzle and sneezing in rare cases. The following article gives a detailed description on the

respiratory allergy symptoms in dogs.

    • Itchy, Red and Runny Eyes

      Eyes turn red and drain during allergic reaction. There occur many changes in the eyes which include white region turning red, severe itching sensation that occurs from scratching or rubbing of the eyes and fluid drainage from the eyes. If these symptoms remain for many days, you need to take your pet to the veterinarian for determining the cause of allergy.


  • Rubbing or Scratching of Muzzle and Face

    Dogs usually rub or scratch their muzzles and faces to find relief from itching. They may rub against grass, carpets or bedding or may even use their own paws to rub or scratch the itching areas. The skin may turn pinker which happens due to rubbing. The dogs may even scarpe their skin if the itching becomes uncontrollable.

  • Itching of Feet and Stomach

    Dogs chew their paws to find relief from itching. The dogs can come in contact with the allergen while walking or lying down causing itching sensation on the feet and stomach. The skin can scrape due to extended chewing of the dog to relieve itching. At times, you can even notice hives, rash or raised bumps which require an immediate veterinarian consultation.

  • Runny nose or Sneezing

    Allergies in dogs can cause them to sneeze on rare occasions. Nasal discharge too happens which may turn out to be very severe. These nasal allergy symptoms in dogs differ from humans totally.

These are the

respiratory allergy symptoms in dogs.

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