How to Cure Allergies Naturally

Most of us suffer from some or the other kind of allergies. Often we depend on antihistamines to find relief from allergic symptoms. These medications can cause many complications and it is not advisable to rely on medications always. They put stress on liver, allowing it to create more mucus which can aggravate the allergic condition. You can better try natural cures for allergies. The following article discusses on how to cure allergies naturally.

The best cure for allergies is to clean the digestive system. Candida, a fungus which settles in the digestive tract often disturbs the immune system, due to which there will be over production of histamine, leading to allergic reaction. If the digestive system is cleaned, the immune system can work properly and one can get cured of allergies. Here is how to cure allergies naturally.

  • Nettle

    – This herb contains a natural antihistamine which helps to cure allergies naturally. This is a very effective and best remedy for allergies. It is advisable to take the freeze dry form of leaf.

  • Gingko Biloba

    – This herb contains ginkogolides which has got antihistamine properties. These substances can limit or stop the allergy attacks. One more added benefit is it has got memory boosting abilities.

  • Intake Quercetin

    – Quercetin, a beneficial pigment present in green tea, pineapple and grapes has the ability to stop histamine production. Raw foods are the good sources of this pigment. If you are already taking nettle, you should not take quercetin as nettle too contains this pigment and it can become a heavy dose.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    – This essential fatty acid has got the property to counter inflammatory responses in the body. Americans are more prone to allergies as they do not have enough omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. Flaxseed and salmon fish are best sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Raw honey

    – This is an old traditional remedy which helps to cure allergies. Bees produce their local pollen in the honey. Small doses of pollen can even enter the body system through honey , which can reduce the allergic reactions in the body.

  • Probiotics

    – These are the beneficial bacteria that help to clean the digestive system. Since digestive system is directly related to the immune system as discussed in the beginning, this wonderful remedy works. Yogurt is also another effective cure that can replace beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

These are the remedies to cure allergies naturally. They are very effective and help to get rid of allergies. But, always seek your physician’s advice before taking any of these natural products.

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