Natural Remedies for Allergic Nasal Congestion

Allergic nasal congestion is caused by mucus in the nose that filled up the cavities of the nose and causes pressure in the nose. This is all caused by an allergic reaction. It can be accompanied by other ailments such as coughing, headache and breathing difficulties.

These are Some Ways you can Help Congestion in the Nose:

Breathing moist air is a good way of soothing the nasal passaged. Moist air such as that breathed in from a boiling pot of water, is good in keeping the membranes of the nose hydrated. This can ease your nasal congestion problems significantly.

Avoid smoking or breathing in second hand smoke. This is because it is often the cause for the drying up of the membranes in the nose. Chemicals like ones found in perfumes are aslo culprits to the drying of the nose.

Drinking water is another good way to hydrate. This will encourage drainage of the mucus away from the nose. This will clear out bacteria that is locked in the nose by the mucus.

If it seems difficult to get mucus out from the nose, you can try nasal irrication to help the matter. This involves squirting water or salt water solution into the nose thereby removing the mucus with the aid of the water.

Nasal allergens are the most common cause for allergic rhinitis or nasal congestion. The best way, therefore, is to avoid the allergen in order to avoid the symptoms.

Why Are Medicines Problematic for Allergy Treatment

There are medicines you can use for sinus relief. It is often the case that medicines have side effects and qualities that make their long term use inadvisable. If you have to use antihistamines or corticosteroids in short term, it is one option. But for allergies, natural treatment is always the best.

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