Sun Allergies – Tips to Avoid Sun Allergies!!!

Do you love going out on a sunny afternoon? No, most of us do not like going out on a sunny day. The reason is the skin allergies caused due to sun exposure.  However, this does not mean you cancel an important afternoon meeting just because you are allergic to sun. There are many things that you can do to prevent

sun allergies.

 Read this article to know some of the tips to avoid

sun allergies.

Tips to Avoid Sun Allergy

We all know the famous proverb prevention is better than cure. You need to follow these simple yet effective tips to avoid sun allergies: Sun Allergies

  • You need to apply sunscreen lotions before you go outdoors .You can apply a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor of at least 15 or above. This sunscreen generally contains both ultraviolet A and B rays.
  • You can use a sun block balm on your lips. You need to select such a product that has been formulated only for the lips with an SPF of 20 or more.
  • You can wear sunglasses that have an ultraviolet light protection.
  • During the hot summer months, you need to wear full sleeve shirts a long pants and most preferably a hat with a wide brim.
  • You need to avoid deliberate sunbathing and even the tanning beds.
  • You need to use sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Basically sunscreen lotions need to be applied minimum20 minutes before going outdoors.
  • Stay in shade especially between 10 am to 4pm. Even if you have to get exposed to sun, do it gradually as this increases the sunlight exposure to the skin cells. This gives your skin cells the time for getting adapted to sunlight.

These were some of the simple yet effective tips for avoiding sun allergies. Read onto to know some of the symptoms of a sun allergy.

Sun Allergy Symptoms

Unlike the most popular allergens like pollen, food etc that actually make your immune system function in a strange manner resulting in an allergic reaction; sun does not cause an allergic reaction directly but the reaction is actually caused by the individuals inherent hypersensitivity to the sun.

To help you do a self diagnosis, we have listed down some major symptoms of sun allergies. Below are a list of symptoms that you need to look out for:

  • Since there are several signs of being allergic to sun, but the most important symptom of sun allergy is an itchy feeling or burning sensation within a couple of hours after sun exposure. This symptoms is called as Polymorphous light eruption (PMLE).
  • The second one is called as solar urticaria and it causes hives on the uncovered portion of your skin within a few minutes of exposure to the sun.
  • Another symptom is the production of tiny blisters or an itchy skin that is called as photo allergic eruption.
  • An itchy and burning sensation that is concentrated on the face and sometimes around the lips. This is called as actinic prurigo.
  • The common forms of the reactions are small and itchy bump formations, and small red blisters.

Now that you know some of the symptoms of sun allergies, all you can do is to follow the above tips to avoid an allergy. We hope that these tips would come in handy for an allergy free and healthy life!

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