Is your child Allergic? – Indoor Fun for Allergic Kids!!!

Allergies cannot act as a barrier in stopping your kid’s fun. There are many ways you can get your child out of his/her boredom. All you need is a bit of creativity and time for the indoor fun your kid is craving for! So, read this article to know some of the ideas for indoor fun if your child is allergic.

Tips for Indoor Fun for Allergic Kids

    • Treasure Hunt:

      Bring out your kid’s inner pirate by making them play a treasure hunt. Hide toys and other stuffs around the house and give them some hints to find out the location. This would make them run around the house and have loads of fun.

    • Crafts:

      You can stock on things like drawing or painting. You can buy things like pencils. Construction paper, stickers, and pipe cleaners are some of the other things that can keep your child busy on those high pollen count days.

    • Puzzles:

      You can even opt for jigsaw puzzles that offer complete entertainment, especially if your child loves the puzzle. You can imagine and think about the characters from your child’s favorite movie like the dinosaurs, Barbie, or if it’s the kid’s themselves. You can create photo jigsaw puzzles with an image that can keep your child busy.

    • Card Creativity:

      You can make them busy by giving them colored markers. Paint, glitter, glue, and some fabric strips to create cards for family friends. It can have any theme like the birthday or season’s greetings. This would bring their creative side on front too!

    • Buttons to Bracelets:

      This is another fun activity, where you ask your kids to gather beads, ribbon, buttons, and strings. Once they collect these, you can ask them to make lovely necklaces and bracelets. Children would love sewing the buttons together and making something out of it.

Stage Plays:

Encourage your kids to put up a stage play. This includes encouraging them to create a stage, write a story, and design costumes. When they are ready, you need to sit down enjoy whatever they do.

  • Tub Surfing: You can make your kid’s to slip in their swimsuits and dab a little sunscreen on their nose. Put a cool music and give some fun foods like strawberries, grapes, or ice pops. Make them imagine that they are in the beach and having fun. Here the bonus is that they are getting cleaned too!
  • Picnic on the Carpet:

    Make the kids get creative by putting up a picnic with plastic ware, blankets, flowers, homemade paper ants, and food items like snacks that you would take for a picnic. This would get them into that holidaying mood and they would love this for sure!

These were some of the

Indoor fun for allergic kids.

We hope that these tips would come in handy for a fun filled and healthy life even during those high pollen count days.

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