Herbal Allergy Relief

If you are not aware of the natural and herbal allergy relief which you may get from plant kingdom, you might be spending your money on over the counter medications which do not work for a longer period. These over the counter medications may also have some side effects. Prescription medications may also fall short to give relief from allergy symptoms. However, there are herbal alternatives which offer long-lasting effects.

Allergies develop if your immune system wrongly considers non-infectious particles and attacks them considering them as allergens. Allergy symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, headaches, itchy eyes and nose, nasal and sinus congestion, hives, runny noses and red eyes. There is no permanent cure for allergies. Minimizing or avoiding exposure to allergens is the best way to prevent allergies. However, this is impossible and thus it is best to relieve the symptoms of allergy. You can achieve this by following some herbal remedies for allergy  to balance the immune system and to reduce the inflammation.

Herbal Allergy Relief:

Following are some herbal cures for allergies:

Elder flower:

This is also known as Sambuca. Elder flower is a natural decongestant which soothes the nasal and sinus mucus membranes. This is a natural astringent which aids in drying up excess mucus. Elder flower is mild enough for children.

Stinging nettle:

Stinging nettle leaves contain natural antihistamine which limits the body’s response to the allergens. This has been traditionally used for treating respiratory problems and also to give relief from the symptoms of allergy. This is one of the effective remedies to give relief from allergies.


It contains significant amounts of mucilage which aid in relieving irritation. Marshmallow has decongestant properties and assists body in expelling excess mucus.


Eyebright has tannins. Tannins are astringent compounds which help in stabilizing the inflamed mucus membranes in eyes and in nasal passages. Also it reduces mucus secretion, reduces sensitivity to allergens and gives relief from irritation. This is a popular remedy to treat watery and itchy eyes and running nose associated with seasonal allergies.


This is another popular herb which is rich in chamazulene compound. Chamazulene is an anti-inflammatory and anti allergenic compound. Chamomile inhibits the discharge and activates the body that is responsible for triggering signs of allergy. If applied topically, it gives relief from hive. This herb is mild enough for children.


It contains petasines that soothes inflammation. Butterbur blocks or limits the effects of histamines which are released by the immune system.


This is a popular herb in many traditional Chinese remedies for hay fever, asthma and allergies and common cold. Ephedera is an efficient decongestant and antihistamine which regulates lung function.

These are some herbal allergy remedies which are effective and does not have many side effects compared to over the counter medications.

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