Tomato Allergy Symptoms

Food allergies are common in people, but tomato allergies are not that common. There are chances where in some people develop allergic reactions on eating tomatoes and its products. Even traces of tomatoes such as tomato paste on pizzas, seeds, stems and leaves can cause some tomato allergy symptoms. People allergic to tomatoes are even allergic to potatoes and green peppers. Tomato allergy symptoms can be mild to severe life threatening that includes anaphylactic shock.Tomato Allergy Symptoms

Tomato Allergy Symptoms – Type 1 Allergies

Tomato allergies are classified into Type 1 allergies. These are contact allergies where the body system reacts to the allergen (foreign substance), releasing histamine compound from the exposed area such as nasal openings, bronchial centers or skin.

Symptoms of Tomato Allergy

Symptoms include common reactions, mild symptoms and severe symptoms.

  • Common symptoms

    :The common symptoms that arise as a result of all food allergies include hives, skin irritation, simple rash and eczema. Certain bothersome symptoms such as indigestion, vomiting, nausea, stomach aches and diarrhea also develop from tomato allergies.

  • Mild symptoms of tomato allergy

    : The mild allergic reactions to tomato are non-threatening. They include sleeping troubles or insomnia, fatigue, moodiness, constipation, heartburn, canker sores, arthritic symptoms, bed wetting or nocturnal incontinence, swelling of lips and face, wheezing, migraines and rhinitis.

  • Severe symptoms of tomato allergy

    : Severe symptoms arise when a part or whole tomato is ingested and there appears tingling sensation in mouth and lips. There includes rashes, difficulty in breathing and anaphylactic shock. These reactions are very serious and need an immediate physician’s attention.

These are the tomato allergy symptoms. The best way to counterattack these symptoms is to stop eating tomatoes and if you notice any reactions after intake of tomatoes or foods containing them, talk to your doctor immediately for further treatment. So, mow that you know these symptoms take care of yourself and avoid these complications.’>

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