Allergy Causes

Causes of an Allergy

There are many causes for an allergy. It’s mainly some of the substances that produce an allergic reaction. Some of the causes are:

  • When the body is exposed to an antigen, the immune system produces certain antibodies against them. This starts the set of complex reactions. Antigen is a substance that makes the immune system to produce antibodies.
  • The work of the antibodies is to detect and destroy that causes an illness. In an allergic reaction, the antibody is called IgE or Immunoglobulin E. When this IgE is produced in excessive amounts in response to allergens like cat dander or pollen, an allergic reaction occurs.
  • So, the IgE over production can be caused by certain triggers like food, drug, insect, or even emotions. These can act like triggers and result in an allergic reaction. However, most people are aware of the particular allergy triggers. In most cases, an allergen cannot be identified unless you have suffered the same reaction in the past.
  • People suffering from certain medical conditions are more likely to suffer from an allergic reaction. Some of the conditions are asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sensitive skin, and nasal polyps.