Alcohol Allergy

Alcohol allergy is one of the rare allergies existing . It is very much similar to food allergies. Alcohol allergy occurs due to absorption of alcohol caused by the inadequacy of the enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) that is essential for breaking down of alcohol into acetic acid. Alcohol when not metabolized becomes toxic, thus alcohol allergy is triggered.

Causes of Alcohol Allergy

Alcohol being a toxic compound needs to be broken down and cannot be absorbed directly. It is necessary for the body to oxidize alcohol and flush it out. Oxidation of Alcohol takes place inside the liver, which stores the enzymes for breaking it down. Some people suffer from the deficiency of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase which is necessary for converting alcohol into acetic acid, thus rendering them impossible to metabolize alcohol. Alcohols are also have high concentration of histamines which trigger allergic reaction.

Symptoms of Alcohol Allergy

Alcohol consumption produces histamine as well as aids in releasing of histamine. Alcohol also prevent the break down of histamine resulting in excessive histamine in the body. This results in symptoms like nasal blockage and mild flushing of skin minutes after consumption of alcohol. Other symptoms include palpitations , head ache, low blood pressure and sensation of heat.

Diagnosis of Alcohol Allergy

Since the affects of alcohol allergy show up within minutes of consumption, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. Usually a skin prick test is done to determine Alcohol Allergy.

Treatment of Alcohol Allergy

Since Alcohol is high on histamine, Antihistamines are useful in treating Alcohol Allergy. But the best treatment for Alcohol Allergy is to completely avoid Alcohol and stick to a Alcohol free diet.

Prevention of Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol  is the best way to stop Alcohol allergies. Its important to follow an alcohol free diet and completely avoid any sort of food and drinks that involve alcohol. Also read the labels of processed foods carefully to know if they contain alcohol.