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Allergies How to Get Rid of Allergies?

Allergies are a menace in the United States right now. More than half the population suffer from one or more allergies. It is an auto immune response of the body and is manageable and preventable.

Allergies Caused by Electronic Gadgets Allergies Caused by Electronic Gadgets

Are you quite sure of the fact that you suffer from allergies only because of pollen, mold and foods? Don’t be shocked or surprised to know that some of your beloved electronic gadgets including cell phone and iPod might play a significant role in contributing to your seasonal miseries.

Sun Allergy Symptoms Sun Allergy Symptoms

A sun allergy is a reaction of the immune system. It is triggered by the sensitivity due to the sunlight. This is also referred to as photo sensitivity. This condition develops if the skin reacts abnormally to the sunlight. Scientists are unable to understand the exact cause for this sun allergy…

Common Food Allergies in Children Common Food Allergies in Children

There are many Common Food Allergies in Children like milk, soy, egg, peanut, wheat and tree nuts . This article gives you a detail of food allergies…

Tomato Allergy Symptoms Tomato Allergy Symptoms

Tomato allergies are classified into Type 1 allergies. These are contact allergies where the body system reacts to the allergen (foreign substance), releasing histamine compound from the exposed area such as nasal openings, bronchial centers or skin.

bird-allergy Top 5 Bird Allergy Facts

Bird allergy is one of the worst pet allergies. Even now in the United States, about 6 million households still own pet birds. If you are one among them who own birds and suffering from any bird allergy, then here are top 5 curious facts on bird allergy which can help you.

Honey for Allergies Raw Honey for Allergies

Honey is also used to treat various skin condition because it has various healing qualities. Raw honey for allergies is an excellent remedy and read onto know some of the other benefits of honey.

Beer Allergy Symptoms Beer Allergy Symptoms

Do you experience the symptoms like nasal congestion, instant flush and hives after having a glass of beer? If your answer is yes, then it is evident that you are developing beer allergy symptoms.

Allergies in Winter - An Overview! Allergies in winter – An Overview!

Winter months are filled with fun, but what if you are also one among those suffering from Allergies in winter . Don’t allow allergies to wreck your fun during Christmas time.. Have Fun this Christmas by treating your allergies in the right way. Read onto know more…

Gluten Allergy Symptoms in Children Gluten Allergy Symptoms in Children

Gluten is a kind of protein present in foods made from wheat, rye and barley. It offers elasticity and fluffiness to the dough, thus causing it to inflate and to acquire a specific shape. It is estimated that nearly 10 percent of population in America are suffering from sensitivity to gluten in the present scenario. The following article discusses about gluten allergy symptoms in children and various other points related to it. Let us know everything in detail.

Herbal Allergy Relief Herbal Allergy Relief

If you are not aware of the natural and herbal allergy relief which you may get from plant kingdom, you might be spending your money on over the counter medications which do not work for a longer period. However, there are herbal alternatives which offer long-lasting effects.

Causes of Allergies in Fall Causes of Allergies in Fall

Fall allergies’ symptoms are similar to any airborne or seasonal allergies. They include watery eyes, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, sleeplessness and fatigue. Read on to know the causes of allergies in fall.

gluten-free Gluten Allergies Symptoms

What are Gluten Allergies Symptoms? There are many symptoms, but depending on the signs and symptoms it is difficult to identify a gluten allergy. This is because of the plethora of symptoms.

Is your Child allergic? - Indoor Fun for Allergic Kids!! Is your child Allergic? – Indoor Fun for Allergic Kids!!!

Allergies cannot act as a barrier in stopping your kid’s fun. There are many ways you can get your child out of his/her boredom. All you need is a bit of creativity and time for the indoor fun your kid is craving for! So, read this article to know some of the ideas for indoor fun if your child is allergic…

Allergies Reactions to Food Allergies

A food allergy happens when the immune system responds to a food that is harmless as if it were a threat. First time when a person eats that food, there are no symptoms. However, when you eat the food again, there is an allergic response.