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What is Allergic Contact Cheilitis? What is Allergic Contact Cheilitis?

Allergic contact Cheilitis is a skin condition affecting the lips. It is characterized by swollen lips with an eczema (blistered and swollen red rash) type outbreak on the outer lip or the vermillion border ( the line outlining the lips).

grass allergy St. Augustine Grass Allergy – Symptoms, Precautions

St. Augustine grass allergy is allergy caused by St. Augustine grass. It is one of the rare allergies which is caused due to the pollen […]

Signs-and-Treatment-of-Milk Soy Milk Allergy – Prevention and Treatment

Soy milk is obtained by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them in water. Soy milk has several nutritional benefits. It also has the same proportion […]

Hives Food Allergy Rash Treatment

About 12 million Americans suffer from food allergy. A rash is usually the first sign of food allergy. The rash can occur after few minutes […]

Cause Allergies What is Rubber Allergy?

About 90% of rubber is made from the milky sap of the rubber tree – Hevea brasiliensis. People develop rubber allergy when the immune system […]

Tree Pollen What is Salicylate Allergy?

Salicylicates are the chemicals which are found in plants. They are also used as major ingredients in medications, health and beauty products, flavored products and […]

Sun Block The Importance of Using Allergy Bracelets

Allergy bracelets are the bracelets which carry important information about your allergies, and they might be life saving during emergencies. The medical information is engraved […]

Causes Winter Allergies Tips to Prevent Allergy Sneezing

Sneezing is most often associated with allergies. It is accompanied with runny nose, watery eyes, hives and other allergy symptoms. Sneezing due to allergies is […]

amoxicillin allergy What is Mustard Allergy?

Mustard allergy is an allergy to the mustard seeds. Mustard allergy is caused due to the proteins present in the mustard. The body mistakenly preceives […]

wheat Allergy All You Wanted to Know About Avocado Allergy

Have you ever eaten avocado only to experience itchy throat and severe stomach cramps? If so, you must be suffering from avocado allergy. Avocado is […]

Swollen lips and allergy - Causes, Prevention, Treatment All About Chromium Allergy

Chromium allergy can either be caused due to the chrome covering metals or from the other sources of chrome. Cement, mortar, leather, paints and several […]

Allergy-Rashes1 What is Copper Allergy?

Copper allergy is a very rare form of allergy, but still it exists. Women wearing copper Intrauterine device (IUD) generally face this problem of copper […]

Lobster-Allergy-Symptoms How to Prevent Crab Allergy?

Crab allergy is a kind of shellfish allergy, which can range from mild to serious reaction. While some people suffer from rashes, others may suffer […]

Olive Oil Shampoo Allergy: Prevention and Treatment

Shampoo allergy is caused due to the ingredients present in the shampoo. Fragrances, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl are the mainly responsible which trigger shampoo […]

Lobster-Allergy-Symptoms How to Prevent Bedding Allergy?

Do you wake up in the morning with watery eyes, runny nose and cough? If this is the case, you might be suffering from bedding […]