Herbal Remedies for Food allergies

Experts claim that food allergies have an additional stress on our immune system. For example if a person is in the habit of eating pasteurized dairy products and is unaware of his or her systems aversion to it will be continuously suffering from post nasal drips. Experts further assert that these symptoms can be hazardous for a person who has been ignoring the reactions as a mild cough, cold or sneezing conditions.

Researchers also highlight the need to observe a reaction from a food allergen which would either result in reducing or completely removing the food from his or her diet rather than having to resort to antihistamine or epinephrine injections to treat an allergic reaction.

Herbal remedies for food allergies:

  • If you want to soothe a bowel or digestive malfunction make a solution of with the seeds and roots of the following ingredients like, one part of a marshmallow root, one fourth of part of licorice root, half of peppermint, half of chamomile flowers and one fourth of fennels seeds. Heat for thirty minutes then leave it aside for fifteen minutes. Strain the mixture out of the seeds and roots and drink three to four cups everyday.
  • For an allergic reaction affecting the liver, use dandelion and burdock roots mixed with a little bit of licorice and ginger roots to make a tea preparation and have it daily in quantities of three to four cups. The individual herbs can be taken in a capsule or tablet form as well.
  • Grind one tablespoon of poppy seeds with a teaspoon of water and add a teaspoon of lime juice as well. Apply it to the areas which have been itching or if red.
  • Make a sandalwood and lime juice paste to get relief from the rashes and itching bouts.
  • Apply mashed almond to reduce the skin rashes.
  • Apply mashed papaya seeds to reduce an itching skin.
  • Prepare a solution of lemon juice and coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas which are suffering from redness and itching.
  • Make a paste comprising six grams of garden mint with water, then strain it and add twelve to fifteen grams of sugar to it. Drink this twice in a day to get immediate relief from an allergic reaction suffered from a particular food allergen.
  • The Gingko plant or herb can help reduce the symptoms of an inflammation, asthma and other allergic reactions.
  • Garlic and onion also proves beneficial in reducing the inflammations, in reducing the symptoms of difficult breathing and sinus problems.
  • Feverfew helps in reducing migraines and other allergic reactions arising from a particular food allergen. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should however take caution and advice from their doctors before resorting to such herbal cure.
  • Nasal congestions and other symptoms can be dealt with by using freeze dried stinging nettle.
  • A spoonful of horse radish is also effective for reducing sinus problems.

One quality of life can be severely affected with endless and continuous rounds of sneezing, coughing, etc. Moreover drugs can have side effects in some people as well. So use herbal remedies for treating allergies arising from food allergens which are always a more safer and natural way to treat allergic reactions.