Home Remedies for Allergies

Home Remedies for AllergiesAllergies are very common and you may also have allergic reflex to certain external stimuli like food, water, or air. Allergies are a malfunction in which your body gets hyper-sensitized and your immuity over reacts on your body, there by irritating a part or various parts of body. So, if a person know what exactly causes them allergies, it is easy to avoid them. But when an unknown, ora recurring allergy occurs home remedies help you ease the irritation, while you call the doctor.

Here are some Home Remedies for Allergies

  • Avoid white sugar and things made with it because the process of whitening sugar is toxic. Instead you can use unpasteurized honey or maple syrup. Sweetening can also be done with concentrated natural fruit juice.
  • Avoid bleached flours and things made with it.
  • Avoid processed foods, including the frozen pre-packaged types.
  • Avoid taking meat of commercially grown animals because they will be exposed to high levels of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and questionable dietary sources.
  • Wash all fresh fruits and vegetables using warm water and by adding a few drops of quality dish soap. Also rinse well.
  • Practice juice fasting daily. It helps in cleansing your system of toxins and residues.
  • Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. Also avoid heavy coffee consumption.
  • Routinely practice under-eating.
  • Make moderate exercise a part of your daily routine. Go for walking, biking or swimming. Try to live in harmonious surroundings that can give you inner peace.
  • Take time to stop and appreciate the beauty around you, and give thanks.