Home Remedies for Cat Allergies

Cat AllergiesCat allergies are caused when a person inhales allergens that are carried by cats in their saliva, urine and/or dander, which are the skin cells they shed very often. According to popular belief, cat allergies are caused by the cat’s hair, but it is not so. So, have them around but focus on a clean and safe environment.

The pet’s belongings and living area is a breeding ground for cat allergens. These allergens gradually spread into the environment and into the air, thereby causing your vulnerability and susceptibility to it. Cat allergens are minute particles that can cause an immediate aversion either in the form of a skin rash, a nasal congestion, sneezing, fatigue, headaches, and worse still asthma attacks.

Doctors claim that the best and effective way to treat a cat allergy in case of an emergency would be to remove the pet from your surroundings immediately. However, before you are forced to separate with your pet, follow these tips to cure cat allergies.

Tips to cure cat allergies:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your house of all the dust particles and allergens.
  • For good ventilation, use air purifiers.
  • Also use a vapor steam cleaner to disinfect your surroundings and to fight away the dander polluting the air around you.

Apart from these basic needs that should be fulfilled to treat cat allergies, there are other immediate methods that can give instant relief from cat allergens like medications, herbal or homeopathic treatment, vitamins, immunotherapy, and energy-based allergy treatment like NAET.


Conventional medications include histamine sprays and tablets to reduce congestion, sneezing etc.


Doctors sometimes also recommend injections to improve the symptoms for cat allergy, but these cannot completely eliminate the allergic reactions.

Homeopathic Treatment:

The most common homeopathic treatment for cat allergies includes allium cepa, euphrasia, natrum muriaticum and nux vomica.

Herbal remedies:

Some herbs prove effective for treating cat allergies and also boost the immune system at the same time. These herbs include borage, elder, ginseng etc.

Cat allergies can affect any part of your body. When you are a victim to cat allergies ensure that you are in least physical contact with your pet, and keep your environment as well as your pets surroundings, healthy and clean.
Tips to avoid cat allergy

  • Do not allow cats to sleep on your bed.
  • In fact, do not allow cats inside your bedroom. Your bedroom should be safe from allergens.
  • Wash bedsheets and pillow sheets in hot water at least twice a month.
  • Use air filters to clear the air in the rooms where your cats roam.
  • Use a high quality vacuum cleaner, to vacuum cat allergen from everywhere.
  • Clean your home with a vapor steam cleaner.
  • After petting the cat, do not touch your eyes and wash your hands immediately. Rubbing your eyes can make them itchy for a long time.
  • Clean your cat regularly.
  • Make your cats roam in only one part of the house.
  • If you follow all the above steps carefully and regularly, you can get to keep your cat. That should be be motivation and reward enough for all cat lovers.