How to cure Allergy Rashes?

Allergy RashesAllergy rash means a reddish bump growing on your skin because of a certain irritation. Due to this, your skin may get swollen and itchy as well. These non-contagious rashes, are generally formed by dust, food, dry air, certain fabrics animal dander etc. Dry skin condition, skin allergies or infection and growth of fungus on your skin are also some major reasons for skin rashes.

Dry skin rashes are commonly found among many people. If you are having dry skin, you may develop skin rashes as your skin gets easily irritated. It happens especially during the cold months of the year. Drinking sufficient water and applying adequate amount of moisturizer can help avoid this problem.

Following a simple routine helps in treating allergy rashes. People suffering from dry skin rashes or have tendencies to develop dry skin rashes must avoid hot or long baths and showers. Use lukewarm water for bathing as it can cleanse and moisturize your skin without drying it excessively. Also use mild bar soap or non-soap cleanser. After bathing, apply moisturizers onto your skin to avoid dryness. If the dry skin rashes are severe consult physician for further treatment.

Skin allergies can also be caused by animal dander or certain fabric to poison ivy. Generally these types of skin rashes happen to those parts of skin that come into contact with the material that causes the allergy. You can avoid it by knowing what causes the allergies and by avoiding direct contact with the causing material.