Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Home RemediesSome allergy symptoms improve with home remedies. They include:


  • Hay fever like symptoms and sinus congestion can be reduced by a nasal lavage. This can be done using a neti pot or the bulb syringe. You can flush out thick irritants or mucus from your nose.


  • Household airborne allergy symptoms like those caused due to pet dander or dust mites can be improved by reducing your exposure to those allergens. Some of the steps include washing stuffed toys and bedding in hot water. Regular vacuuming and maintaining low humidity with a fine filter like the HEPA. Replace carpets with hard flooring.


  • Mold allergy symptoms can be alleviated by avoiding outdoor work and by wearing a mask when outdoors. Keep your windows closed during windy days.


  • Drink plenty of water to ease the expectoration or secretions.


  • If you have respiratory allergies then it’s better to avoid some of the foods like chocolate, seafood, nuts, eggs, juices, and citrus fruits. Use a rotation diet to discover and work with food allergies.


  • Eliminate diary foods from your diet as they thicken your mucous and increase the mucus production as well.


  • Breathing polluted air can further worsen the symptoms. So, spend very little time outdoors.


  • Cut out on cooked oils and fats as they stimulate the production of mucus secretions.


  • Drink peppermint tea as it gives relief to the clogged nasal passages. You can even take steam inhalations.
  • Wash your pet regularly, if you are allergic to pet dander.