Natural Remedies for Allergies

AllergiesThere is a simple technique called health kinesiology – a complementary therapy – which can turn off allergic reactions by tapping various acupuncture points. As soon as you start after experiencing allergies symptoms, you should start using this for it to work more effectively. It is discussed in detail below

As soon as you start feeling an allergic reaction, even without knowing the causes of the problem, tap each of these points for about 20 to 30 seconds:

  • Tap beside the nose at inner corner of each eye
  • Tap on eye socket bone just below centre of the eye
  • Tap either side of breast bone just below collar bones
  • Tap the sides of torso, straight down from armpit, and level with the nipple
  • Tap near lateral corner of the little toe nail at base of the nail, on the outside of the feet
  • Tap the centre of balls of feet
  • Tap near lateral corner of second toe nail
  • Tap near medial corner of big toe nail

You can tap in any order and as many points as you want at same time. You can also take the help of other people. The sooner you start tapping the lesser the symptoms you will get.