Symptoms of Dog Allergy

Symptoms of Dog AllergyExperts are of the opinion that about forty three percent of the American households are home to pet dogs and about thirty percent have tested positive for dog allergy. The most interesting feature of this trend is that most owners of these loving pets are not willing to believe that there is any connection between their allergic reactions and their respective pets. So, in this case, emotional attachment ousts the threats and exposure to allergic reactions from dogs.

People can be affected at any age with pet allergies. The susceptibility to dog allergies are however greater as these creatures are very fun loving and seem to be sniffing at every small thing at every corner of the house.

Dog allergies are directly related with the dander and saliva of dogs. These allergens originate from the skin, saliva and urine of the dog. Therefore, dogs have a greater chance to contaminate the environment and livelihood of people.

Apart from leaving physical traces of the allergens, dogs also carry allergens on their furs. As the agile creatures hop to and fro, their furs manage to pollute the carpets, furniture, clothes, and mattresses with the allergens.

Since dogs are very sensitive, friendly and cheerful animals, they associate themselves with touch and warmth. More often than not, they will look for just a pat from your hand or can spend hours playing with and entertaining your kids. So they can be a menace for all allergy sufferers.

The common symptoms of dog allergy are:

  • Eyes will itch, redden and swell up
  • Skin will have red patches
  • A running nose
  • A nasal congestion
  • A severe headache
  • Voice loss
  • Sneezing
  • An itchy throat
  • Ears get blocked and itch
  • Coughing
  • Increased asthma problems
  • Bronchitis

Some of these allergens are pet specific. So, some dogs produce less and some more allergens. For example, poodles and schnauzers produce less allergic symptoms as they shed their skin in every twenty one days. But pets like cocker spaniels and german shepards shed their skin every three to four days. So, they can produce more allergic symptoms.

If your are suffering from dog allergies and yet would love to have them around your premises, then choose the breed that would give you relief from all the ailments that dog allergens can inflict upon you.