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Allergies Caused by Electronic Gadgets Allergies Caused by Electronic Gadgets

Are you quite sure of the fact that you suffer from allergies only because of pollen, mold and foods? Don’t be shocked or surprised to know that some of your beloved electronic gadgets including cell phone and iPod might play a significant role in contributing to your seasonal miseries.

amoxicillin allergy What is Chlorine Rash?

Chlorine rash is also called swimming pool rash. This occurs when your skin is exposed to high amounts of chlorine. It is used in swimming […]

Graft Rejection What is Reactive Airway Disease?

The respiratory disorder which is characterized by coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath is referred to as reactive airway disease. As the symptoms of this […]

Why Do Allergies Cause Hives What is Hair Dye Allergy?

Hair dye is an easy method to hide the gray hair. Most youngsters and teenagers use hair color to give visually appealing hair color. This […]

Turmeric1 Is Turmeric Allergic?

There are various studies on the effects of turmeric spice, which is found as a coloring agent in various canned foods and curry powders like […]

Sinus-Allergy-Symptoms-and- Allergies Due to Air Conditioning

Contaminants in Indoor Air Some of the common contaminants in room are as follows: Dander of pets and dust mites. gases released by cooking appliances […]

Allergy Shots Are Allergies Worse when it Rains

Allergies can be seasonal or perennial. Seasonal occur in spring or fall. Perennial can occur in which ever part of the year. Some people feel […]

What is Oyster allergy?

Oyster is a shellfish which can be eaten both raw or cooked. It is used as an ingredient in sauces and soups. Oyster can cause […]

What is Egg White Allergy? What is Egg White Allergy?

Egg white allergy is caused due to the proteins present in the white of the egg. More number of people are allergic to egg white […]

Herbal Allergy Relief What is Cherry Allergy?

Cherry is used in jams, jellies, ice creams, soft drinks and various other food products. However, cherry can cause allergies – both mild and severe. […]

amoxicillin allergy What is Palladium Allergy?

Palladium is a silvery white metal which is used in jewelry and in other alloys. Popularly, it is used to make white gold. Palladium allergy, […]

sun-allergy Lip Gloss Allergy Symptoms and Prevention

Symptoms of Lip Gloss Allergy: Lip gloss can result in the following reaction: Peeling of lips Cracking of lips Bleeding of lips Swelling of lips […]

gloves What is Spandex Allergy?

Spandex, also known as Lycra, is a synthetic fiber. Spandex can cause allergy, resulting in rashes, redness, itchiness and hives. The chemicals used in the […]

Lobster-Allergy-Symptoms What is Mercury Allergy?

Mercury allergy is very rare, affecting 1 to 5 percent of the population. Mercury used in the amalgam fillings is the primary source of allergy. […]

Causes Winter Allergies Nylon Allergy Prevention and Treatment

Nylon is a man-made fabric which is known for its elasticity, flexibility and strength. This material is used for stockings, tights and other clothing. Nylon […]